Disqus Installation Error-WordPress upgrade your database button leads to 404 error page

WordPress upgrade  database is a very common error that many  bloggers face when they try to Install Disqus Comment System .[/column]The same happened to me when i installed it here but i managed to correct the issue .Am going to explain what causes this error.

The error reads “You need to upgrade your database to continue”.On clicking the button,it will lead to a 404 erorr page.

The error is caused by failure of disqus unable to successfully establish handshake with WordPress,this is as a result of Mod_security  .

Solving WordPress upgrade database

You can solve this error by contacting your Web Hosting company for the to remove Mod_Security on your blog.Mod_Security is set to prevent third party softwares or robotos  running  scripts on your blog or being installed.See also 14 Most Common WordPress Errors
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