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Fixed: WordPress not sending reset password email

WordPress not sending reset password email or account registration email is a common problem faced by WordPress beginner bloggers. Some of the questions they ask me are why is WordPress not sending contact email notifications, why am I not getting reset password email on an e-commerce website. This article will show you step by step How to fix WordPress not sending reset password email.

Why you’re WordPress is not sending reset password email

The main reason why WordPress is not sending reset password email or any other emails it’s because the server which hosts your WordPress is using PHP mail function.

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the recommended standard for sending emails because it uses proper authentication, unlike PHP mail function. Mails sent using SMTP have are likely to be delivered than ones sent using PHP mail.

There are several companies that offer SMTP services but we recommend Gmail and MailGun.In this article, we are going to use MailGun.

How to configure MailGun to send your WordPress Emails 

MailGun is a paid service which allows website owners to send emails with high chances of being delivered. First 10,000 emails are free every month which are enough for beginners.

First, Sign up with MailGun website. Verify your account and then go ahead and add your domain by clicking “Add your Domain” button.

MailGun add domain
MailGun add domain

Don’t get scared

When signing up you will be required to add by adding your card. Note that MailGun won’t charge your card until your limit exceeds 10000 emails per month. It’s even very clear because they have stated it.

Get 10,000 free emails, 100 free validations, and unlimited support tickets every month.

Why do we need a credit card for a free account? It helps us prevent spammers from signing up, which means better deliverability for you and everyone else. You won’t be charged unless you go beyond 10,000 emails and 100 validations each month.


MailGun add payment method
MailGun add payment method

Once you click to add your domain, A new page will open with a text box.MailGun recommends you add subdomain instead of the domain.

We recommend using a subdomain with Mailgun, like “”. Using a subdomain you will still be able to send emails from your root domain e.g. “”.

If using a subdomain please make sure that you configure MX records for the subdomain for optimal delivery.

To create a subdomain, Login to your Cpanel and scroll down to Domains sections.

Cpanel add Subdomain
Cpanel add Subdomain

Click Subdomains and next page will open where you will add your subdomain next. Select the root domain where the WordPress site is hosted.

Add Subdomain cpanel
Add Subdomain Cpanel

After clicking create button, a success message will pop up. Go ahead now and add the subdomain to Mailgun website.

After adding the subdomain, MailGun will show  your DNS records


 DNS Records For Sending
DNS Records For Sending

Go back to your Cpanel and click “DNS Zone Editor

DNS Zone Editor
DNS Zone Editor

All domains in your Cpanel will appear as seen below. Select the root domain and click Manage.

Select root domain
Select the root domain

After clicking Manage, you will see add new DNS record option. Select Add a record. First enter your subdomain in the name field, Select type as TXT and TTL value =1200. Copy the MailGun domain verification as Record value and then click Add Record.

Zone Record for subdomain
Zone Record for a subdomain

Repeat the same process and add the TXT record. Next click add MX Record.Dont forget also to Add DNS Records For Tracking.

 Add DNS Records For Tracking
Add DNS Records For Tracking

Now you have added your domain to Mailgun. Go back to Mailgun website and see the status of your verification. It will take time because DNS records take time to update.

Mailgun send emails
Mailgun send emails

Once verification is complete go ahead and set up WordPress to using Mailgun to send emails

Setting up WordPress to use Mailgun  to send emails

First, install and activate Wp Mail SMPT plugin.

Visit Settings » WP Mail SMTP  and configure plugin settings. Provide sender name and email you want to use as the sender.configure sender email

Then go ahead and select Mailgun as the mailer.

Mailgun mailer
Mailgun mailer

One last thing is entering Mailgun Private key and domain name. Click the links to get the information in your mailgun account.

Mailgun private key
Mailgun private key

Click save once you enter the values. You can now click Email test to send a test email.


Checking my inbox, I got the mail.

Mailgun sent emails
Email sent by Mailgun

In case your having problem setting all this up,I can help you. Contact me  or use our contact page. If this article helped you, Kindly share.