free web hosting service

Top best free web hosting service providers  

Web hosting is becoming one of the biggest business that  is on the rise.There are several companies that are providing web hosting services such as godaddy,Namecheap,Bluehost etc.

These big companies you are required to pay in order for them to host your website.What some developers don’t know is that there are some companies that provide free web hosting.Incase you need to host a website that is no profitable,or your doing some development and testing,you will require to use free web hosting service.Today i will share a list of the best free web hosting service providers available.To Host a Java Web site . read here

free web hosting service

Best Free web hosting service providers 

1. AwardSpace

Awardspace  was my first free web hosting service to use.I created a website on it for free.Its easy to use.AwardSpace is one of the oldest free web host.Services offered are free and premium where you are required to pay extra dollars for extra services.Its easy to sign  up and get started.Use Below link.

2. 5GBFree

As the name suggest ,this free web hosting service offers 5 GB space to host your website and allows atleast 3 databases .To join 5GB free web hosting  click here.

3. Hostawesome

Its one of the newest free web hosting providers.Space offered is 200MB and atleast 2000 page views per month for your website.Click here

4. Byethost

Byethost offers server services.Some are free others are premium.In free hosting,you are given 1000MB, File manager ,FTP account etc.One can also purchase dedicated server service.Visit their site here…

5. 1freehosting

1freehosting has got the best attractive free offers.10GB space and over 100GB data to be transfered in a month,its one of the best free web hosts.With Cpanel,its easy to add your site and create emails to track the communication in your site.Visit 1freehosting here.


6. Xtremehost

Space  offered by Xtremehost is 5GB and in a month over 50GB data can be transfered.This service is suitable for websites with high traffic but can also be used host also small blogs.Click here