Sportdog collar not working

Sportdog collar not working
How-to troubleshoot Sportdog collar not working

Sportdog collar not working is common among dog owners who have purchase remote dog training e-collars. Remember, picking the best dog training collars requires a lot of vigorous and intensive research.

Some of the dog shock collars last few days and you immediately realize that they are no longer working. Sportdog collars have been there for several years but despite that, they are man-made and bound to fail one day.

Sportdog collar not working examples

What do I really mean when I say Sportdog collar not working? There are several instances when we can declare that Sportdog collar not working. For example.

  • If your dog does not receive any level of stimulation when the collar is activated.
  • Collar receiver not turning on.
  • Both receiver and transmitter don’t seem to correspond when turned on.

If you are having above problems with your Sportdog collar, you need to troubleshoot the two devices and get them working so that you can begin your puppy training.

How to troubleshoot Sportdog collar not working

Use below steps to troubleshoot any Sportdog collar model.

Sportdog collar not working problem Trouble shooting guide
Dog not feeling any kind of stimulation when the button is pressed on. 1. First, make sure the receiver is turned on.
2. Check both receiver and transmitter batteries if they are okay and have charge.
3. Using a test light, make sure the transmitter is sending stimulation to the receiver.
4. Check the level of stimulation. Increase it if is very low.
5. The fifth step is to ensure the collar touch points are touching the dog skin properly.
6.If there is a problem with range, most properly your training on new terrain.
Receiver not turning on. Check collar battery life. Always replace the collar by purchasing a new battery on Amazon
Both Receiver and transmitter not working together. 1. Ensure your collar is turned on.
2.If the collar is turned on and still not working? You will have to Reset the collar receiver.

How to reset Sportdog collar receiver

There are two instances where you have to reset your Sportdog collar receiver. In case Sportdog collar not working and you have tried all above troubleshooting methods, last option is to reset it.

You can also reset Sportdog collar receiver if you have bought a new transmitter or reprogram a new collar to use your already programmed Sportdog transmitter.

Steps to reset Sportdog collar receiver

  • Turn of the receiver.
  • Press on/off button for about 5 seconds holding it down. Press till the indicator light is turned off.
  • Once the light is off, release the power button.
  • Hold upper transmitter button until the receiver indicator light has flashed 5 times. Ensure you separate the two at least 2 feet apart.

Now the receiver will have reset properly if you see the five indicator flashlights. It should start flashing in a normal way. In case it fails, repeat the above steps.

how to reset Sportdog collar receiver
Sportdog collar receiver flashing light

Remote collar checklist before beginning the training

When I bought my first Sportdog collar, everything seemed to work fine until one day I was unable to do any training. I tried to troubleshooting and managed to correct the problem.

On that day is when I realized that I had forgotten doing a routine check up on my Sportdog collar. I have compiled routine procedure on how you should begin your training.

  • To prevent dog being collar wise(obeying your commands when wearing the collar), let the dog put on a collar for at least 40 minutes before beginning the training.
  • After waiting for 40 minutes, turn on the collar receiver and transmitter on. Different collar and transmitters have different ways of turning them on. In case you’re stuck, read the user manual. Some collars have a pairing button, ensure it turned on also.
  • Ensure both collar and receiver are charged. Some collars have rechargeable batteries while others can be recharged.
  • Fit e-collar properly on the dog. All the touch points should touch the dog skin for it to perceive any stimulation.


Doing routine check-ups on daily basis before starting training is very important. Always follow a certain procedure when doing the training because it will also help the dog learn quickly.

Also, dont forgets that E-collars are not training tools but reinforcing tools i.e, They reinforce on already learned commands.