PHP Strings

A string is a group of characters joined together like “I love programming”.

 Functions in PHP Strings

There are several PHP Strings functions that are used by programmers.

Function to get String Length

PHP strlen() function is used to get the length of a string.This function returns the string length in forms of a value.

Below  example returns the length of “I love Programming ”

echo strlen("I love Programming "); // The outputs is 16

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Function to count number of words that  a string has

str_word_count() is the function used to return the number of words that a string has.

See Below Example

echo str_word_count("I love Programming "); // The outputs is 3

Function to Reverse a String

Strrev() function is used to reverse a string

See below Example

echo strrev("I love PHP"); // The outputs will be”PHP evol I”

Function to look For a certain  Text inside a String

PHP strpos() is used to get a certain text that is inside a certain string.

Incase a math has been found, strpos() will return the position of the 1st match and if no match is found,the function will return FALSE.

If a match is found, the function returns the character position of the first match. If no match is found, it will return FALSE.

Below examples searches for word “love”

echo strpos("I love Programming in PHP", "love"); // The outputs  is 1


Just liken arrays index,the first character of a string is always 0(Zero).

Function to Replace Text Inside a String

PHP str_replace()  is used to replace a text with another  in a string

Below example will replace “Java” with “PHP”

echo str_replace("Java", "PHP", "I love Java!"); // This will output “I love PHP”

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