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Nichescraper review-How find winning products in Shopify

Do you know the reason why you need nichescraper? Have you ever heard of the term before? Before we get into details about nichescraper, let first get to know some statistics and completion in e-commerce websites.

According to, in 2017, 1.66 billion people made a purchase online. Currently, the number of people in the world stands at 7.6 billion, therefore only 21.8% of the people in the world order items online. The number of e-commerce sites in the world is estimated to be between 2 million to 3 million not including China.

What does this mean to a drop shipper? Do you stand any chance of making money in this drop shipping saturated field? The answer is YES but you need right tools in place to compete with other drop shippers, not just a good-looking Shopify or WordPress Woo Commerce site made using Alidropship Plugin.
AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Nichescraper review

This is a detailed niche scraper review with all the links and alternative tools you need to get started with drop shipping. So let get started.

What Nichescraper does is to analyze trends in e-commerce sites to gather data and reveal which are the top winning products. It gives you insights into products that can make more sales. Before I started using this tool, I read a lot of nichescraper reviews.

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One thing I love about nichescraper is the updates that they send to their users. Some tools do not actually, do research but they just upload random products and claim they are best selling products whereas they are not.

This tool makes it possible for newbies and even experienced merchants in the drop shipping industry to find winning products and sell them online.

In the next subtopic, I will go into details to discuss services offered by niche scraperr. Below is the list:-

Niche scrapper uses

  • Product Discovery.
  • Market research.
  • Marketing tools

Product Discovery

In product discovery services, nichescraper allows you to either do the product scrapping yourself or settle down for their handpicked products that they have analyzed.

Product scrapping

This tool allows you to sort AliExpress products and Shopify products. For AliExpress products, you can sort them according to Aliscore, competition, growth rate and recent orders. You can narrow the sorting by including product category, subcategory, Top country and number of recent orders.

aliexpress product analysis
Aliexpress product scrapping

For Shopify products, you can sort and find winning products by selecting Relevance or store popularity, Category, Business type (Verified Drop shipping or all stores), Product price, time product was added.

shopify product scrapping
Shopify product scrapping

A quick look at Shopify products results

shopify products results niche scrapping
Shopify product results

The product is according to what you selected. The products listed above are the ones that are below five USD and were added less than a week ago. The great feature I love here is the ability to copy the product to your Shopify store. You just need to connect niche scraper with your Shopify store. Note that you do not have to pay first to set up a Shopify store; you can start with 14 days trial and pay later after making sales.

Shopify product store copying
Niche scraper copy product to Shopify store

Handpicked products

Have you understood above product search procedure? What if you get a list of researched products and your work is to add them to your store. That saves you time.

However, going for handpicked products means that other users in Niche scraper saw the products, therefore, you will need to apply different marketing strategies to make sales. At least 1-2 new products are posted on a daily basis.

niche scraper hand picked products
niche scraper hand-picked products

A click on View Products Details opens in a new window that has all the details about the product. i.e.

  • Product-selling price, the cost and profit margin.
  • Links that include AliExpress supplier, Amazon, Facebook Ad, Store that is selling the product and video URL of the product.
  • Social media engagements.
  • Facebook ads
  • posts reach and engagements.
  • Recent orders graph.
  • Ad targeting i.e. Country, gender, age range, and audience size.
  • AliExpress buyers review.


If you have selected and product that you want to post in your store, make sure you change the title so that you can be unique and improve your SEO.

Market Research

Market research simply means doing an analysis of your competitors, the products that are bestselling on their websites and most probably, where they source the product.

Niche scraper can do store analysis job for you. All you need to do is to enter the store URL and click search.

niche scraper store analysis result

As you can see in the above image caption, you can also search for all Shopify stores, which have certain keywords in their store and not in URL or domain.

Marketing tools

Generally, video ads convert more on Facebook compared with ads created using only images this is because videos are more engaging and capture user’s attention. Niche scraper makes it possible for drop shippers who have no knowledge of video creation and editing to create   Facebook video Ads which can also be used to set up Instagram Ads.

The good thing about Niche scraper Facebook video ads generator is the ability to create unique videos using product images, music, and text in seconds. At your disposal is 16 free music audio and you can use up to 10 product images. What else do you need? Is that not enough for a start?

nichescraper facebook video ad generator
nichescraper facebook video ad generator

Even if your store is in the development stage and not online, you can upload the product, images at the top of this window where you see upload icon. Below is a screenshot of my images and video created for my store.niche scraper facebook video ad

How to sign up and pay for niche scraper pro membership

You just need email and password to sign up with niche scraper, your phone number is not needed. Once you are done signing up, Login to your account.

This is where it gets interesting now. Click Upgrade at the top of the menu to view packages and pricing. Niche scraper offers a free package that is the current plan once you sign up and pro membership plan that costs only $39.00 per month. There is also an option of selecting an annual plan and you will save 60%

What you enjoy in pro membership features

  • Find trending products in AliExpress,
  • Facebook Ad generation tool unlimited access.
  • Find a bestselling product in a store.
  • Reveal the store estimated revenue.
  • Handpicked products unlimited access with Facebook ad report, suppliers, etc.
  • Cancel any time.
  • Annually or monthly payments.

Free current plan limited access to-

  • All product and tools.
  • 3 day delay finding winning products.
  • Facebook Ad generator
  • Drop shipping guides.
  • Others can spy on your store.
niche scraper pro membership
niche scraper pro membership

Looking at the privileges enjoyed by a pro membership plan, its recommend you pay at least for one month and test the service. If you have a friend who is also into drop shipping you can share the cost.

Niche scraper mode of payments.

There are two modes of payments that niche scraper accepts. Either you can pay using PayPal account or debit card. Most people prefer PayPal because it is more fast, safe and convenient mode of payment.

Niche scraper mode of payments.
Niche scraper mode of payments.

Some of the bonuses you enjoy once you sign up include the following tutorials.

  • How to Find Winning Products Using NicheScraper
  • How Niche Scraper CEO Left a 6 Figure Job to Dropship
  • FREE Shopify Store Checklist
  • 7 Rules of Drop shipping That You Must Follow
  • Facebook Ad Tutorial

Once you make the payment, How to get free traffic tutorial also unlocks.

Niche scraper discount code

I know many drop shippers ask this question if there is a niche scraper coupon. Any coupon code should be entered before clicking submits payment button. Look at the below image after entering a coupon code I obtained from the niche scraper CEO.

 niche scraper discount code 2019
niche scraper discount code 2019


The niche scraper discount code 2019 I used is TRENDING18. Claim this coupon Today

The coupon will reduce the monthly price from $39 to $18 and annual plan from $166 to $99.This will save you a lot of money. Claim your discount code today and make payment.

Reasons why I use niche scraper

  • Detailed data on winning products i.e. prices, profit margin, suppliers, reviews, etc.
  • Check current sales trends in Aliexpress and Shopify i.e. top selling items.
  • Creates great video ads using images.
  • Affordable price.
  • Got a discount code
  • Different payments modes i.e. credit, debit cards, and PayPal
  • Easy to use service.
  • Detailed niche scraper guides
  • Niche scraper forum where you can get help on anything.

Are there niche scraper alternative?

Yes, there are several niche scraper alternatives available. Below are some of the best Shopify spy tools.

Above spy niche tools can be used to scrape Shopify products however some Dropshippers protect Shopify store from data scrape making it difficult to harness the data.

Below is a detailed comparison between nichescraper and other Shopify spy tools

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt

Just like nichescraper, EcomHunt is a product-spying tool that main aim is to find winning products. The two tools are quite similar but they differ in some aspects. For example:-

  • You can directly import products to a Shopify store using EcomHunt but you can only copy them to your store using Nichescraper.
  • EcomHunt has Ad Hunter Chrome Extension which is a tool used to find competitive ads on Facebook whereas Niche scrape does not have such a tool.
  • Packages in EcomHunt are quite friendly when compared with Niche scraper. EcomHunt you need to pay $20 every month whereas niche scraper is $39.
  • When it comes to pricing Ecomhunt is quite friendly compared to Niche Scraper, as you only need to pay $20 every month to enjoy full access on the platform while Niche Scraper is $39 every month.


Becoming successful in the drop shipping industry requires hard work, determination, consistent and strategy. Apart from Facebook Ads, you need to optimize your e-commerce site well so that it can appear in search engines like Google and Bing.

The strategy involves using the right tools that deliver good results at the end of the day. Finding winning products is one of the steps to making huge sales. Niche Scraper is the right tool for you because it is for you who:-

  • If you are low on budget and you are looking for cheaper solutions to find winning product winning tips.
  • You are a drop shipper and you need to be exact on what you are selling by doing product research and market analysis.
  • Is not a good video creator. If you have never done video creation, editing and you still want to try it in Facebook Ads by creating engaging videos that convert to sales. Niche scraper make is possible and easy for you to do so with Facebook video Generator.

If you have not started drop shipping here are some of the great tools that you should have in place.

Lastly, you also need to sign up for Stripe to process credit  card payments

All the best in dropshipping.

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