Getting Started:Build your first Mobile Web App with Polymer paper elements

Let start by defining what is Polymer paper elements as google refer to it.Polymers are web components that are used to build web applications that are responsive on all platforms.These web components are contained in Polymers Library.

Before we get started  here are some of the requirements that you will need for this project.You need to Install Google Chrome Web browser.After installing google chrome,you will also need to Install Chrome App Editor .

Steps to Polymer paper elements Web App

After installing Chrome App Editor,Fire it up to start coding now.Its a good idea to pin it on the task bar for easier access.

  • Start a new  JavaScript Project in Editor  that uses Polymers as show below.

Getting Started:Build your first Mobile Web App with Polymer paper elements

  • In the Project name,Enter “PolymerMobileCodelab ” as Project name
  • In the Project type selection,Select “JavaScript Web app using Polymer.” as the type of the project.
Polymer paper elements
Polymer paper elements App


  • Complete by hitting Create Button

After hitting the create button,Chrome Editor will create scaffold for Polymer Application.Bower is run in the background and it does the work of installing dependencies (including polymer.js) nto the bower_components/ folder.

More is to come about Bower but i can just define what bower does.Bower is responsible for managing frameworks,libraries,utilities and assets that are contained in a website.

Your project structure should look like this.first-polymer-elements-web-app-min

The next thing is running your application by the Arrow Button.polymers web applications

Once you hit above button, the result on your browser should be  ” Hello Polymer!

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