Java Web Hosting

What is Java Web  Hosting?

Java Web Hosting
Java Website Hosting

Java Web Hosting is a website hosting solution that is able to render pages coded with Java programming language.

Most of these java website  hosting solution uses Linux as the operating system.Its easy and simple for developers building web applications to use Java Server pages with ease.

The beauty of Java web hosting

One of the important thing to note about Java Web hosting is that as the enterprise grows,the site also keeps on growing,its easy to rebuild the site and redeploy is easily to your java web hosting service.

Java website hosting has very advanced server technologies   like JavaBeans and XML that are scaleable.

Popular technologies used in Java Web Hosting.

Popular technologies used in Java Web hosting are

  1. Spring MVC Framework
  2. Java Server Pages

The two  technologies allows web developers to design their web applications starting them in a simple way but upgrade them later.

Java is simple and popular programming language among developers because its open-source.

With Java ,one can accomplish very dynamic and great things building web applications.

Pros and cons of Java Web Hosting


  • Ability to serve JSPs on a Java web server
  • Java-centric services, applets, mail etc
  • Java database management


  • One need to have knowledge about Java programming
  • Java Website  hosting can be more expensive that other services

What to consider when looking for Java Hosting Provider

When looking for a java hosting provider,you need to look at the key features  that will enable you get the best price.You should not only compare the price but the features are very important.Below are what you should look for when purchasing Java Website hosting service.

1.Does the service support JSPs

2.Application and the frameworks that are supported.

3.Linus or Java Platform

4.Minimu Ram Size

5.Java Serve let   containers like Tomcat Servers

Several of Java hosting services  have application and frameworks that provide access to server resources.