Introduction to Java Programming Language

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Introduction to Java Programming Language
[/column][column size=”one-third” last=”true”]Java is a object oriented programming language that was designed by sun micro-systems.Its was first released in 1995 and since then,many developers have
[/column]designed web applications and desktop applications using java.

Why Java Programming Language?

There are several factors that make Java very popular among developers.These factors are.

1.Its free to download

2.Fast than other programming language when executing tasks.

3.More secure-Java was designed for mobile devices that would exchange data between them over the network,that the reason why Java is built with high level of security.

4.Reliable because it has reduced errors.Data and manipulation are packaged together

5.Works across  different platforms-:mobile phones,home appliances,tvs,tablets,computers etc.

6.Its object Oriented i.e you can create objects that can inherit from others.

7. Its easy to learn compared to other programming languages.

Many beginners always confuse JavaScript with Java.These are two different programming languages developed by different companies.Javascript  was developed by Netscape.Its easy to learn that Java but its slow when executing byte codes.

How to Get started with Java Programming Language?

First you need to download latest version of Java Runtime Environment(jre)

Install it.After installing,you can use Notepad or Eclipse IDE to start writing Java programs.


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