How to Install Yoast seo plugin

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

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Yoast SEO  plugin is one of the best and complete solution for your word-press Search engine optimization tool.Its used by millions of bloggers wordwide. Here at techoverload we use the same plugin to optimize our posts.


Am going to show you how to install Yoast   plugin and guide you step by step how to use great features that comes with this great plugin.

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin

First you are required to Install and activate Yoast SEO.Incase you are new to plugins installation see  how to WordPress Plugin.

Upon successful installation,you should be able to a new tab in administrator dashboard with Yoast  plugin logo.

How to install yoast seo plugin

How to Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

The settings that am going to show you are the ones that are recommended.

Step1:Importing Data from other plugins

Incase you are using other SEO plugins like All in one SEO pack,they contain data that can be passed to your yoast plugin.Upon installation,you will be requested to deactivate one plugin and import data to the new one.

Step2:Adding General Settings

On clicking the SEO icon,you will be taken to this page with General settings.Here you can restore the plugin to default settings,take a tour and learn more about seo.

yoast seo plugin general settings

Step3:Enter your Information

Clicking on Info tab,below window will appear.Fill the fields appropriate.If the site belongs to company or single person,specify.yoast seo wordpress plugin

Step4:Fill Webmaster Tools

If you are not new to blogging,you must have heard about this,Webmaster tools.These tools gives bloggers and site owners insights that help them manage their websites in terms of to use webmaster tools

Verify the four top search engines by signing up and providing verification details.

Step 5:Security

The last step of general tab is security.Once you check the box,you are going to prevent other site users who login from making changes that redirects and noindex that could cause a problem to your blog.

setting security in yoast seo

Step 6:Titles and Metas Settings.

There are several tabs that are under Titles and Metas

yoast seo titles and metas settings-min

  • General Tab

Clicking this tab opens  below widow.Its recommended you  leave  checkbox unchecked. WordPress SEO can detect if there is need to rewrite titles.

yoastmeta-tags settings-min

  • Homepage Title

At Homepage, you can create  static  title and site description.By Default templates variables of the blog are used,However there is option of changing them.Yoast SEO Plugin settings

  • Post Titles and Meta

By default,WordPress enters all the titles using template variables.Its recommended to remove the sitename on the title  and leave only actual title element.Yoast Seo

  • Taxonomies

Default variables should work well in taxonomies  tab.Its recommended to leave this tab with default settings.

How to configure Yoast SEO plugin

  • Archives

If the blog is being update by one writer,its recommendable to Disable Author archives. Checking the box or clicking disable Button works.archivesmetatitles-min

  • Other

Other tab has settings like disabling  picking of descriptions from directories like Dmoz.