how to install sql Server

How to Install Sql Server Management Studio 2008 Express

SQl Server Management studio  is installed prior to installing  Microsoft Visual Studio and SQl Server.

What is  SQl Server Management studio?

Its a environment that has been integrated that allows developers to easily manage Sql Server easily.
Even though one can use Visual Studio  to create/design and connect with databases,many developers like using SSMS for advanced management.

First thing you have to make sure you have is the right version of SSMS,For instance if you installed Visual Studio 2010,then you will be  required to use SSMS version 2008.

Steps for Installing Microsoft SQl Server Management Studio

Step 1:Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express  and Select either x64 or x86  on your operating system.If 64bit select X64 and if 32bit select X86

Step2:Ensure you are logged to the computer you are installing as the Administrator and right click on the set Up and “Run it as Administrator”7

Note:If you are using Windows 7,you will have compatibility issues that you will need to solve by installing  SQL 2008 Service Pack 2.

Step 3:After that you should be able to see the SQL Server Installation Center”  and proceed by clicking  “Installation” tab.

how to install sql Server
how to install sql Server

Step 4: This step you are required to select  “New SQl Server Stand-alone Installation” or “add features to existing installation”.This will counter check to ensure there are no failures during the installation of SSMS.

Steps for installing Sql server

Step5:Click on the Install button

Installing SQL Server 2008 and Running it

Step6:If you are using the Server for remote access you will need to enable firewall so that it can be accessed remotely.

Download and install SQl Server

Step7:This is the step that most people mess up with.You have one selection to make from two choices that seem confusing.One is  either to “Perform a new Installation of SQl Server 2008”

Or to Add features to existing SQl Server.

Select a New Installation of SQl Server and click next.

how to install sql Server
how to install sql Server


STEP 8:Since SQl Server Express is free,you will not be required to enter the product Key,just click Next.

How to Install and Configure SQl Server management studio 2008


STEP 9: In this step you will  be Required to accept the Licence and click Proceed.

Manage SQl server 2008

STEP 10: In this step a Window will pop Up and you will be Required to make  Feature Selection.Check off “”

off “Management Tools – Basic” and then click Next.

Sql Server 2008

Step11:You will  be required to verify the Disk Space Requirements and then Click Next to proceed with Installation.

Download Free Sql Server Management Studio 2008

STEP 12: In this step Microsoft need your help inorder for them to improve their software by you reporting Error messages.Select one and click Next

installing SQl Server

STEP 13: Another step,Click Next

Download Free Sql Server management studio 2008

Step:14.Everything is now in order.Click Install Button.This will take atleast 5 minutes to  complete.

Sql server 2008

Step15:After the  installation has been completed click the  Next Button to proceed to  next stage.

Download Sql server2008

Step16:Click the Close Button and you are now Ready to go

How to Install and configure sql server 2008


Step17:To fire Up the SQl Server Click Start Button and go to programs as show Below.

How to Install and configure sql server 2008


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