How to use FV Code Highlighter in WordPress

How to use FV Code Highlighter in WordPress

If you are new to wordpress and probably you are blogging about technology and your blog contains alot of code,FV Code Highlighter is one of the plugin that you seriously need.

FV Code Highlighter makes your code more readable and even easy to be copied by your blog readers.This plugin supports PHP, (x)HTML, JavaScript, CSS and XML.

I will guide you on how to install  FV Code Highlighter and How to use it.Its pretty simple and that what i use with my blog to make the code more readable

Guide to Install FV Code Highlighter in WordPress Blog


For you to install this plugin you need the following

  • PHP 5 or higher
  • WordPress 3.2 or higher

Installing Process

I do always prefer to avoid the downloading of plugin and then uploading again

Just go to plugins on your wordpress left menu

Click on plugins and then add new

On the search box  type this “FV Code Highlighter

Click install and activate the plugin.

How to Use

Once you have installed the plugin,type your code and place it in between this code

How to use FV Code Highlighter in WordPress

Replace the codetype with your code format for Example if the code is php this will be

How to use FV Code Highlighter in WordPress

like my code here in a FV Code Highlighter”  will look like this


//code to display “hello world”

echo”Hello world”;



//code to display "hello world"

echo''Hello world";


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