How to Set up Email forwarding in Cpanel

How to Set up Email forwarding in Cpanel

Email forwarding is directing all incoming messages to one of your other mail.

Below is a simple guide on how you can easily set up a email forwarding in your host cpanel.

1.First Login to your cpanel account

2.Navigate and go to Mail

3.Click on the Forwarders icon show in caption belowHow to Set up Email forwarding in Cpanel

4.To create a new forwarding account Click on Add Forwarder Icon

5.Fill all the details as show in the example below and when your through Click Add Forwarder

adding email forwarders in cpanel


One can also create a catch all forwarder that will take all emails sent to your domain to a mail box that does not exists

For exampe let say someone sent email to my domain and the mailbox does not exists,with catch all email or a Default Address,the email will be received 

If you would like to have a catch all email use the Default Address

how to create a catch all mail box

Fill all the details as show in the caption below

how to add a default address for forwarding

That all..your good to go with your email forwarding.Incase you need more elaboration ,watch below video


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