Namecheap hosting guide

How to Install WordPress In Namecheap Hosting using Softaculous App Installer

Guys its very easy indeed.I have decided to share this information because it my first time to install a word press blog in namecheap hosting company using Softaculous installing application.

After you  purchase  namecheap  hosting plus domain,you receive around three emails that confirms your order and gives you a guide on how you will go about hosting your website or blog.

To access the cpanel look for a email that reads

Your Namecheap  Hosting Welcome Guide for (Your Domain Name)

Mine read like this “Your Namecheap Hosting Welcome Guide for”

Scroll down  untill you see “cPanel Access”

Namecheap hosting guide
wordpress hosting guide

Click the Url  and Enter the login Details (Cpanel Username and Password)

After Login to the cpanel,Scroll down until to the last tab until See the Caption Below

Softaculous App Installer
Installing wordpress with Softaculous App Installer

Click on the wordpress Icon and this will  take you to Softaculous App Installer  where you will be required to fill Details about your blog.You will be required to Specify if you are installing the blog in the root directory,Subdomain or Subdirectory.Check my post here about the difference between the three terms,Root Directory, Subdirectory and Subdomain

difference directory ,subdomain or subdirectory
Specify where to install the blog

Then continue filling the details as shown below

Installing wordpress blog
Installing wordpress blog

The Last step is Selecting the Blog Theme and Entering the email where Installations details will be sent

installing wordpress blog guide
Installing wordpress blog guide

Once you click install button you should see a process bar  like one below

installing wordpress blog guide
installing wordpress blog guide


If you were confused on how you could go about hosting your wordpress blog in namecheap hosting, i hope this post helped you