How to Install Microsoft SQl Server 2014 Standard Edition

How to Install Microsoft SQl Server 2014 Standard Edition

Microsoft SQl Server 2014 detailed installation Procedure.Note that before you perform this you need to install Microsoft Sql Server management Studio.Some newbies don’t different the two.

Download Microsoft  Sql Server 2014


Steps For Installing  Microsoft SQl Server 2014 Standard Edition

Step 1.Login as the Administrator to the Server(or work station).

Step 2.Extract the File and run the installation by Right clicking  Setup.exe. file

If the file does not run and gives a error about Service pack ,Install Latest Service Pack by downloading it here

Below Installation Screen will appear

Step 3.On the left Panel ,Click Installation Then Click New SQl Server stand-alone Installation


how to install sql server 2014


Step 4.Enter the Product Key and Click Next to continue

how to configure sql server

Step 5.Accept the license terms and Click next to continue

How to install SQl Server 2014

Step 6.This is the stage that checks are performed by Sql Server setup support files.When all the checks are completed,the details

Microsoft SQl Server 2014

Note:If firewall is enabled there will be warning but you can continue with the Installation.

Step 7:Installation wizard will  check for Updates and Installs all available Updates files and once installation is completed the window will close automatically.

Configure and Install Sql Server 2014

Step 8:Below screen will appear asking you to specify you want to Install  all SQL Components.

Select SQL Server Feature Installation and Click next

Sql server

Step 9.You will be required to make several selections of features that will be installed .You should select below features as shown in window below.

Sql Server 2014 Standard Edition


Step 10:Checks will be performed as below window shows.

How to Install Microsoft SQl Server 2014 Standard Edition

Step 11:Instance Configuration Stage will appear in this window.You need to specify instance name .Select Default Instance

Step12:Specify server authentication details.Select Windows authentication mode add Password and click NextHow to Install Microsoft SQl Server 2014 Standard Edition

Step 13.In this window you will need to configure reporting services.Click Install Only

You will be done with Installation in next few steps that will require you to click nextHow to Install Microsoft SQl Server 2014 Standard Edition

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