How to choose the best table saw blade

There are several factors one should consider when purchasing a table saw blade. Most of the table saws i.e. contractor, cabinet or Jobsite always come with lousy blades and they require to be replaced because they are generic blades that have a very low output depending on the type of cutting your doing.

It is worth purchasing an extra standard blade because they are affordable. There are different types of blades available in the market and it is upon you to choose the right one depending on your woodwork.

Types of a table saw blades

Below are four different types of saw blades that you can choose.

Ripping Blades

Ripping wood material means cutting a log of a tree along the particles and it involves the removal of many big particles. These types of blades usually have very few teeth’s with wide spaces known as gullets. The gullets are very important because they make it easy to cut more wood as the teeth rolls on the log.

Mostly ripping blades are made to remove more wood particles and make fast cuts that are precise. You must be wondering what is ripping. Ripping means cutting across the grain of the lumber and requires a lot of material to be removed. Such types of blade contain many teeth like 30 of them.

Crosscutting Blades

Crosscuts are made because of gash across the grain of a log. The difference between ripping and crosscut is that crosscut does not involve taking out many materials out of the wood. All crosscuts blades have very many teeth and because of that, the blade removes very little materials.

Combination Blades

A combination of crosscut blades and ripping blades produce multi-purpose cutting blades know as a combination. Even though these blades are not the best for crosscut or ripping, you can buy them because they are capable of performing the two tasks. The number of teeth in combination blades are more than those in ripping blade and not like those in crosscutting blades.

Composite blades

If you want to cut wood sheets likes plywood, particleboard, MDF, etc.  You need special types of blades called composite.

Choosing the right blade

If you have bought a new cabinet table saw, you may want to replace the default blade that comes integrated into the saw. It is very important to have all the types of blades required in order to maximize full saw potential. They are very useful especially for people who have different projects to do. However, you can only settle for ripping and crosscutting blade if you do not have serious cutting work.

Another factor that is very important when choosing a saw blade is your budget. If you cannot afford to buy both ripping and crosscut blade, it is advisable to go for the combination blade because it is capable of performing both tasks.


The blade is a very important part of any table saw. If you want your saw to perform well, make sure you purchase the right table saw blade.