How can you take care of your feet as a diabetic?

How can you take care of your feet as a diabetic?

How can you take care of your feet as a diabetic?

There are many things that entail good foot care for diabetics. This ranges from what you do, the shoes you wear, what to do when foot problem arises and many more. Diabetics are vulnerable to problems affecting the feet which reduces blood flow or damages nerves. Improper foot care leads to severe foot problems which may lead to amputation. In this article I have outlined the important things you ought to do to prevent foot problems. They include:

  1. Wash the feet daily

Use warm water and mild soap to clean your feet. Dry the feet as well between the toes and then apply lotion on and below the feet to prevent dryness. Do not apply between the toes.

  1. Trim toenails

Cut them soon after washing since they are softened. Do it straight across then smoothen with nail file. Ask a doctor to help if it is hard and avoid cutting the toe corners.

  1. Check your feet daily

Check them each day for any bruises, sores, blisters, dryness or any other abnormal change. Touch the feet for tenderness, warmth and for redness, calluses, corns and ingrown toenails. These are common foot problems that should be treated right away.

  1. Proper exercise

Ask your doctor for appropriate exercise to undertake and ensure the shoes you wear are comfortable. In case of sores, then do not exercise to avoid making it worse. It is vital to also massage your diabetic feet often to increase blood circulation.

  1. Choose your shoe properly

There are diabetic shoes that have been designed to specifically accommodate you. Therefore, when trying out your shoe, ensure to put into consideration below.

-The toes and heels should be closed to prevent objects from entering your feet and causing bruises.

-A space of half an inch should be left between the shoe and loner toe to prevent blisters caused by friction

-Buy a seamless shoe which has no leather uppers

-Buy a wide shoe as your foot

-Pick one with a sole made of stiff material

-The inside part must be soft

  1. Things to do for foot safety

-Use first aid and health care practitioner’s guideline to attend to a minor problem

-See your doctor immediately for infections and injuries

-For calluses, corns and other problems, make sure to see a doctor

-Was your feet with warm water and not hot

-Avoid crossing the legs

  1. Circumstances that needs calling a doctor

-Sores on the feet




-Athlete’s foot

-Red and dark spots




Always protect the feet by wearing shoes and socks

Shoes and socks provide extra protection to the feet hence it is very important that you wear recommended shoes and socks for diabetics. You can also use orthotics for extra protection.

Footwear test for proper fitting shoes

-Take a piece of paper and stand on it to find the correct shape

-Trace the foot’s and shoes outline

-Compare the two and ensure the space is half inch between longer toe and the shoe