How to write your first php code to Display “Hello World”

Incase you are looking forward to becoming one of the greatest and best website developer of all time,you need to learn atleast one server side scripting language and also client side  scripting language.

Types of Server side scripting language are like PHP,ASP and Perl.Many developers prefer using PHP because its a open source and there are several online forums where developers can help each other.

What do i mean by Open source.PHP code is accessible to every developer who may want to modify.For ASP the code is not free source and its owned by Microsoft

Today am going to demonstrate to you how to write your first php code  That is going to Display “Hello World”

But before that let Define the word PHP

PHP Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor-The Main importance of PHP is to make a website dynamic by adding the capability of updating the site content.PHP retrieves data from the database and displays on the website pages.

Syntax for Displaying Hello World



//Opening php code

echo"Hello World";   //code to display hello world

//closing php code





print"Hello world";



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