Electric Scooter Safety: Is it Safe to Ride an Electric Scooter?

Electric Scooter Safety: Is it Safe to Ride an Electric Scooter?

There is no contest on the popularity of electric scooters as an alternative mode of transport. Their popularity has continued to skyrocket during the last several years. From kids to teens, to the youths, and even teens has continued to use best electric scooters for commuting and leisure. Riding your scooter will provide tons of funs and excitement. However, as you enjoy your ride, you need to ensure that you follow all the safety tips that we shall highlight in this article to avoid accidents. Also, we shall answer some of the Frequent Asked Questions on scooter’s safety.

Wear Safety Gears

There are accidents that you may not be able to avoid even if you’re a pro. It is significant that you wear protective gears in the event that the worst happens. Thus, before you leave your home, you need to wear a helmet and elbow pad just to ensure that you’re safe. Also, a glove will help to enhance your grip on the handle. When it comes to safety, there is no such issue as over-preparation.

Check the Tires

Most people assume the importance of electric scooter tires. The tires connect the scooters to the ground and assessing them before use can go a long way in keeping you safe. Make sure that your tires have enough pressure and that they’re not worn out.

Ride Slowly

One of the most essential safety tips is to ride slowly so as to keep away from any danger ahead. Majority of the accidents happens due to high speed and trying stunts you see on YouTube. Ensure you are on a low speed especially when you’re in a crowded area. If you’re in the city, a speed of 20 km per hour is considered suitable.

Take your turns slowly

Besides riding your electric scooter slowly, you need to take slow turns. Taking sharp turns is not a perfect idea as you may lose your balance and fall. Therefore, maintain slow speed while taking turns and avoid accelerating and braking in the middle of the turn since you may lose control.

Avoid Riding on Bad Weather

It is important to avoid riding on bad weather and slippery ground. It is better if you can avoid riding in the rain the better. Also, riding in snow is not recommended and I strongly advise against that. Also, avoid weather conditions such as torrential rain, deep snow and freezing rain as it can damage your electric scooter.

Ride one person only

Electric scooters are constructed for single person use only. If the manufacturer’s advice is for single-use, don’t try to accommodate another person in your scooter. It is risky for both you and the passenger and increases risk of injury.

Frequent Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is riding an electric scooter considered dangerous?

No, if you take the necessary safety precautions, riding your electric scooter is not a dangerous activity. Following the aforementioned tips, you can easily ride your electric scooter to work without an accident.

Is riding an electric scooter consider dangerous for your kids?

Kids should not be permitted to ride an electric scooter without supervision. There are exceptional kid’s electric scooters such as Razor e300 that can be used in safe areas without any obstacles. Always ensure that you supervise your kid whilst riding an electric scooter and ensure they wear protective gears such as helmet and extra pads.

Is riding an electric scooter considered dangerous for a pregnant lady?

A doctor can answer this one correctly. I’m not a doctor, but I wouldn’t encourage a pregnant woman riding an electric scooter to avoid putting his health and that of the unborn kid in danger in case of an accident.