Difference Between Root domain,Subdomain and Subdirectory

These three terms are very common when it comes to Hosting of website  or blog.Today i will go into details and explain these three terms and how you can utilize them once you purchase hosting with Namecheap,Godday or any other hosting company that uses the Cpanel as the client console to manage his/her site

Root Domain-This is the domain that you need to buy.It has a TLD extension at the end.Examples of root domain are

  •  techoverload.net
  • Namecheap.com,
  • .seomoz.org
  • *.searchengineland.com
  • *.blogspot.com
  • *.about.com

Subdomain-These are third level domains that are free to create once you have registered a domain.See my Post about creating subdomain in cpanel here.. 

Examples of subdomain are.Like for my domain i can create subdomains such as

  1.                     forum.techoverload.net
  2.                     bog.techoverload.net

Note the .techoverload.net extension

The last and not the least term is subfolder or subdirectory

Subdirectory-These are folders  that are created in the root folder.Some of the common used subfolders are like

/blog. For example i can install another blog in a subfolder in this domain i.e techoverload.net/blog/

Below video will explain more about creating a subdomain in godday