Fix Error:My  custom domain on  google blogger account does not work without www

To  newbies who have just purchased a custom domain from   web hosting companies,after they are through with editing domain DNS and setting the domain on google blogger account,they  may think they are done.

The same thing happened to me when i purchased this custom domain realized that when the domain is naked ( without the www prefix,it did not work until i added the www ( The WWW has something to do with subdomains..Check my article on Subdomains to understand more.

So today am going to show you how to easily solve this custom domain problem.

There are two option of  solving this error.

Option 1:Editing the redirect on your google blogger account.

With your google blogger account,its pretty easy to solve this error with few steps.Before it was not easy.


1.Login to your  google blogger account  and go to dashboard.

2.Select the blog that  has the error.

3.Click on Settings on the menu and then go to Basic…scroll down to Publishing.You will see your  domain.In my case i will use my new blog  a gossip and news blog.

google blogger account

4.Click the Edit link.Now you will see a Check box that you should tick and then click save

In my case the checkbox tell me “Redirect to”

google blogger account

After doing that the domain should work after few minutes.However if it take more than 24 hours without working you should try me next option.

Option 2:DNS Zone Editing

This may seem difficult to  some especially if you have never hosted a website.Otherwise read some crazy gossip in my blog if it becomes hard and get webmaster to solve the problem.

1.Login to your Domain registration company.Select the domain from the list and Click Manage.

2.Go to Advanced DNS  and Click DNS Settings or DNZ Zone file.Note this may vary depending on your.

3.Go ahead and find Host Names and Click this section to add a host name “@”.

The type of record to be added is CNAME or Redirect.details to be added

Hostname=@ and then add the domain like .

4.Click save to  and give it time for the changes to take effect.