create Android project

How to create Android project

Before you get started with this tutorial on how to create Android project, first you need to download and install Android Studio.

How to create Android project


1.Double click to open android studio and click Start a new Android Studio project.

2.Once the project opens, Click File>New project.

3.In the screen that appears fill your application name and domain of the company.The studio will fill your project location etc, but you can also edit the details.

4.Click Next. Target Android devices leave them default.

5.This step  you are required to add application Activity.Just select on Empty activity and click next

6.Don’t customize the activity.Leave it blank and click Finish.

Take a look at Project Files

Make sure the project window is open.You should see below files. > java > com.example.myfirstapp >

This file has the class definition of the activity you just created.This file loads the layout when the application builds and runs. > res > layout > activity_main.xml

This file contains elements that have been added in the layout.For example in Hello word application, a TextView element which contains “Hello World” string is defined by this file. > manifests > AndroidManifest.xml

Application characteristics and its component are described in this file.

4.Gradle Scripts > build.gradle

Gradle is used by android  studio to compile and build all the applications.

Project files

create Android project

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