How to Create Facebook Fan Page for your Blog

Today going am going to show you how to Create  Facebook Fan Page for your Blog.Your Blog can either be a google blog with custom domain or WordPress Blog hosted by third party hosting or free web hosting services  .

Facebook being of the biggest social media with more users,over 1.9 billion,its the best platform to drive traffic from for your blog.Incase its a news and gossip website like this one i started  this year,its a good idea to have a fan page.Lets get started.You should also learn how to Add facebook Popup Box Widget

Create  Facebook Fan Page for your Blog

  1. Click this link to go Facebook to get Started Create Fan PageHow to Create Facebook Fan Page for your Blog

2.Go  ahead and search for “Website” from the drop down menu that appears  and name your page as the website eg”TechOverload” accept facebook terms and then click “Get Started Button

3.After clicking the Get Started Button,You will be taken to the next page where you will be required to Upload “Profile Image” from your computer or web Link.Select the one appropriate for you.Mine i selected upload from computer as show below.How to Create Facebook Fan Page for your Blog

4.Next step is entering  website   Url and  adding description to your page.This Information will be displayed to facebook users who visit your page.Add the information and Click Save as shown below

Create Facebook Fan Page for your Blog

5.Next,You will be transferred to a page with Manage Button.On Clicking the button,You will have options like Shorten the page Url Which is abit long and contains numbers that are not easy to remember.Like my Page reads

We can shorten this Url to read

254 represents my country code Kenya.For you to shorten the Url ,facebook has restricted that you must have atleast 25 fans who have liked your page.

To Create FaceBook Username  Enter your username and Click Save as shown below.

Create Facebook Fan Page for your Blog


Username Availability has to be Checked first before its accepted for saving.Thats all,your good to Go.

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