Features to look for when choosing hosting service

Features to look for when choosing web hosting service


Features to look for when choosing web  hosting serviceIf you googled this,probably you must  be a developer or you are interested in hosting a website.

Today am going to share some of the features to look for when choosing a web hosting service.Few developers worry about features that web hosting company provides. Incase you are Java Developer read how to Java Web Hosting.

Let start by looking into different types of web hosting packages that are available in the market.

1.Shared hosting

Share hosting means that   the server where you host your website sites will have other websites hosted in the same server.These websites will share all the server resources allocating each website a certain amount of bandwidth.This type of hosting is used for sites that dont require alot of bandwidth.

2.Dedicated Server

This type of hosting where the whole server resources are not shared but used by your only website.The site performance is faster.

3.Virtual Private Servers(VPS) or Cloud Servers 

This type of hosting allows you to use resources when you need them.There is no limitation like it is in physical server.

4.Collocated hosting

This type of hosting allows you to buy your own server  and its kept by the seller data center.You have   total control of the server.

How to Evaluate web hosting Service.

1.Data Storage capacity.

Most of web applications require to store data.Data can be in different forms:-videos,images,files etc.Data can be stored in Databases MYSQL  Server or SQL Sever.You should know the amount of data that can be stored and the needs of your web application before purchasing the hosting service.

2.Bandwidth Allocated.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that web users can upload or download in a given month.

3.Domains and sub-domains allowed in one account.

Its easy to manage your websites in one account than having different accounts.Sub domains are very important when it comes to restructuring your website.

4.Host reliability and up-time

No host is 99.9%  perfect  but consider selecting hosting company that is highly rated.