Adding two panels in vaadin Window using Horizontal Layout

Below code creates two vaadin panels and adds the to a Window using Horizontal Layout

Creating a Label in Vaadin Applications

Below code shows how to create Label in Vaadi  Applications.


Adding TextField and Button to Vaadin Application

Below code adds TextField and Button to a Vaadin application MainWindow.

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Common Component Features-Vaadin Application

Customizing System Messages-Vaadin Applications

Customizing System Messages-Vaadin Applications

System Messages are notifications that indicate a certain invalid state of the application.Generally when this notification pop up the application  is restarted.Example of that state  is when the application session has expired.There application instructs the user to restart the application again. How are System Messages…


Window.showNotification () -Vaadin Applications

Window.showNotification  is a method that is contained in Window object.When its called a new notification is i rendered on the browser.Below code creates a notification.

Above Method takes three parameters.One is type of Message.There are different types of Messages.These are. 1.TYPE_HUMANIZED_MESSAGE 2.TYPE_ERROR_MESSAGE 3.TYPE_WARNING_MESSAGE 4.TYPE_TRAY_NOTIFICATION.…

Vaadin Notifications methods

Notifications Methods in Vaadin Applications

Notifications  are error boxes that appear generally at the center of the screen.These Boxes start for some time then they disappear whereas others need the user to click them in order for them to disappear. These boxes they always have a caption and a message…

Handling Errors vaadin applications

Handling Errors- Vaadin Applications

Handling Errors is very important in every application.This ensures that the application runs smoothly and users are notified incase  the data they submit is not valid.For example,think of a field where the user is required to enter a email,if he/she adds firstname,the application should notify…

Shutting down Vaadin Application

Shutting down Vaadin Application

Application session can end if the user closes the window or the browser.Shutting down Vaadin Application can also be   done by using application logic otherwise if session timeouts,the application will  shut itself automatically.Each language has got it on way of ending or shutting a…

Stream Resources - Vaadin Applications

Stream Resources – Vaadin Applications

Stream resources are the ones that allows one to create dynamic  resource content.Charts are examples of dynamic content that are defined by implementing StreamResource.StreamSource  interface and getStream method. Stream Resources Application Example. <br /><br /><br /><br /> package com.example.writers;<br /><br /><br /><br /> import java.awt.Color;<br…