Best autosurf earn money sites

Best autosurf earn money sites for 2019

Best autosurf earn money sites. Yes, my today’s topic. In this article, I will look at the top best legit autosurf sites that pay freelancers directly to their PayPal account ie get paid to autosurf paypal.

If you love making a few bucks online while working on other projects or your normal day-to-day job, you are in the right place. I know you are looking forward to getting paid to autosurf, therefore, let go directly and list best autosurf earn money sites for 2019

Best autosurf earn money sites

Site name Description Bonus for signing up Language supported Changing traffic source Geo Target Autosurf method Make money Free account 0%
Premium $7.95
Ultimate $19.95
5% up to 20% referall. EN Yes 2:1 Browser/Software Yes Lightweight Exchanger
Geo-targeting & Scalability
Support Fanatics
Zero EN Yes Yes Software Yes Autosurf site capable of generating unlimited points 100 credits EN Yes Yes Browser Yes Earn 25% Commission. Add site to receive traffic zero En Yes no Browser Yes Its a autosurf sites that pay. Earn while autosurfing and reading emails. Minimum amount paid out is 2 euros. 100 points EN DE ES FR etcc Yes Yes Software and broswer Yes 10%Hits commissions. 10%Hits commissions25%Cash commissions 0% on signup. Zero EN yes no Software yes Has affiliate program.make money referring new people.Promote your website by buying minute. one thousand credits EN yes yes Browser yes Paid to click ads and referrals.Minimum payout $2 Zero many Languages No yes Browser yes Earn commission of 10% for referrals. 100 credits EN Yes yes Browser yes 5 referral levels and add your site to generate traffic 0 credits RU no yes Software yes Earn with referrals or affiliate program.Create backlinks for your website. Using tokens you can get social media likes and shares 0 credits EN Yes No Browser Yes

Autosurf related questions

Here are related Autosurf questions that most freelancers ask when they hear they can autosurf for cash.

What Autosurf entails?

Autosurf is an advanced form of traffic exchange where involved members participate in automatic viewing of other member’s websites using either a browser or software. Members will view other websites and they will, in turn, earn credit. These credits can be used to rotate your own website added in the account. The main purpose of Autosurf is to increase website traffic by increasing hits and impressions.

Autosurf advantages

  • Autosurf helps to improve your website reputation.
  • Get free traffic to your blog.
  • Increases your blog page views within minutes.
  • Rank blog in Alexa within days
  • Autosurf Disadvantages.

  • Cannot be used with any Ad network like AdSense etc. `You will automatically get banned.
  • Not real traffic.
  • Increases website bounce rate.
  • It is traffic with no good results.
  • What to look for in paid autosurf programs and best free traffic exchange sites?

  • You should put into consideration when choosing the best autosurf earn money sites several factors. These are;
  • Geo –target-A good autosurf site that pays should be able to target traffic from a certain region. For example, you can set target traffic to be from the USA or any other country.
  • Referral commission-Check if the website you are signing up with has referral commission. You can make money by referring new users to the website.
  • Affiliate program-You can make money by referring people to use a certain autosurf site. The percentage commission may vary depending on each site. Pick the highest paying site.
  • Sign up credits-Most autosurf sites gives you credit once you sign up.
  • Surfing methods- Depending on your preference. You can use two methods to autosurf i.e. browser and software.
  • Differences between manual traffic exchange and autosurf?

  • The main difference between manual traffic exchange and autosurf is that manual traffic exchange requires users to directly click, solve the captcha and view the site. A manual traffic exchange is all about real traffic and it is better for conversion and less bounce rate.
  • Bots view sites participating in autosurf program. These websites get loaded after 10 seconds of viewing. The conversion rate is zero and a high bounce rate.
  • Conclusion.
  • Depending on how you use autosurf, it can be advantageous or disadvantage you. You can use Autosurf carefully to increase your website traffic and improve page rank. Genuine hits in your website can increase Alexa rank.
  • Consider making money while auto surfing and never use autosurf on a website that has an ad network. I hope my article best autosurf earn money sites for 2019 will help you get started in the autosurfing world. Cheers.
  • Top 3  best autosurf sites:10khits vs hitleap vs Ebesucher

  • Here is my pick for top 3 best autosurf for cash sites that are legit and best traffic exchange sites that can have a positive impact on your site traffic.
  • 10khits

  • If your looking for traffic exchange,10khits then is one of the best free traffic exchange sites. There are several reasons why 10khits make in the list of my top 3 autosurf sites.
  • 10khits autosurf benefits.

  • Real visitors-Most autosurf sites use bots to view other websites in the traffic exchange. However, in 10khits, there is a manual traffic exchange where humans beings view and interact with your website.
  • Can boost your Alexa rank-Most bloggers are obsessed with rankings. If you want to rank high in Alexa,10khits is perfect for you
  • Increases website traffic.
  • Free membership with limited autosurf rewards.

If you would love to try 10khits, Sign up Here 


Hitleap is one of the oldest, trusted and legit autosurf. It has two packages i.e free and hitleap premium. A hitleap traffic exchange is can be analyzed using google analytics, therefore, it increases website traffic and metrics.

Why Hitleap

  • You’re able to choose traffic from specific locations i.e Geotargeting.
  • Different traffic sources eg social media, keywords or direct.
  • You can set the traffic limits on a daily basis.
  • Reduces website bounce rate.

To get started using Hitleap is just signing up, Submit your website for traffic exchange. Then you will download hitleap viewer so that you can view other peoples websites. In return, you will earn points that will be used once your site is viewed also.


Ebesucher is the best hitleap and 10khits alternative. If you love making money online, then Ebesucher is the best autosurf site.

What makes Ebesucher unique when compared with other autosurf websites is the mail exchange. You can read emails sent to you about the latest trends. Once you read these emails, you will earn points that you can use to promote your own advertising campaigns.

Why Ebesucher.

  • Ebesucher is simple, you just sign up, visits others websites, your target websites also receives visitors.
  • Ability to target certain geolocation and a group of people.
  • Perfect for SEO optimization.
  • Make money while increasing your site metrics.

Sign up for Ebusucher here

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