Basic JavaScript tutorial -Guide for Beginners

Basic JavaScript tutorial is purposely for beginners, People who are looking forward to starting javascript development. First, let start by defining what is JavaScript, It’s an object programming language that is used with HTML to create interactive websites. What do i mean when i say Interactive websites?.They are interactive because they can respond to user […]

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Create a calculator application in Java that accepts a mathematical problem via JOptionPane and displays the result using JOptionPane

 Java JOptionPane calculator mathematical problem Create a calculator application that accepts a mathematical problem via JOptionPane and  displays the result using JOptionPane. For example, a user enters 23 + 42 =. The output would be 65. Allow for the following operators, +, -, /, *. The preference of operations will be from left to right. […]

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How to use Node.js Url Module to route application using url.pathname

Node.js Url Module is used to split URL into readable parts which can be hostname,pathname etc.Its inbuilt Node.js module. Including Node.js Url Module To use url module add below code

http url routing using url.pathname Below code creates a http server that accepts  http requests and forwards them accordingly.

Open your browser and enter […]

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